About The Happy People, Happy Neighborhoods Project

VYROX INTERNATIONAL invests heavily in IoT for Connected Homes Project since 2014. After years of hard works, VYROX developed HOMESERVA.

HOMESERVA is a community management system built by BigCow Software Team of VYROX INTERNATIONAL. The system architecture is based on an innovative MSC status technology named AUTOSERVA. The networking infra-structure is backed by HuaWei leading technology.

HOMESERVA is an enhanced version of conventional property management system. It is re-designed with modern cloud-based technologies. The scalable system architecture enables deep integration between software and hardware. HOMESERVA features are expandable by adding optional hardware and devices.

HOMESERVA has both iOS & Android smartphone mobile APPs for users and web-based software interface for the management. The system is hosted in the cloud to leverage for the highest performance. All of the data tranmissions between users and the server are encrypted to ensure highest security and privacy protection.

HOMESERVA is open and support integrations with your software and hardware. HOMESERVA welcomes strategic partners and investors.

Happy people, happy neighborhoods.

Connect every home with technology.

HOMESERVA Smart Series
Powered by AUTOSERVA (The MSC Status Award Winning Technology)

Smart Video Intercom

The system is ready for apartment communications between visitors, residents and management staffs. It supports both HD audio & video and audio only modes. Visitor accessibility can be granted during calls. The calls are private and encrypted.

Smart Home Automation

Lighting, comfort, entertainment, appliances, shading, security and home access controls.
Automated by scenes, timers and sensors. Powered by award winning IoT technology, AUTOSERVA.
Developed by VYROX. The choice of many real estate developers.

Smart SOS Emergency

Specially design for elderly to call for help at anytime from anywhere. Hosted both locally and on the cloud. 24/7 redundant guards connected system. Instantly push notifications to on-duty guards and family. Support both hardware physical on-wall emergency panic button and virtual in-app SOS button. The choice of many hospitality businesses.

Smart Alarm

Instant push notifications to smartphones APP whenever an alarm event triggered. Military grade wireless IoT technology. Compatible with variety of intelligent security sensors.

Smart CCTV

HD cameras with intelligent automation features. Whenever motion detected in the enclosed pre-set area, the system will capture and email the screenshots immediately. It is a system in the cloud, supports simultaneous multiple viewers. Suitable to be installed at the public areas of condominium.

Smart Access

Card lost? Please do not worry, you can now access with your personalized QR-code. Just scan and go, or press a button to release the lock, the real cardless access.

Smart Barrier

Barrier gate control with smartphone APP. The intelligent cloud connected system will automatically restrict accessibility of residents with overdue arrears.

Smart Lock

Monitor and control your door locks with smartphone APP. The system is compatible with most of the digital smart door locks in the current market. The choice of many and property developers and hotel operators.

Smart Lift

Call lifts with smartphones. Send visitors to your doorstep with only a tap. Play mini games while waiting, your lift is on its way!

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