Privacy Policy


We take user privacy very seriously, especially the confidentiality and security of your information and data. Hereby, we present our privacy policy to you in order for you to understand how we collect, use, maintain, retain, preserve, and protect your data. Acknowledgement and consent to the collection, transfer, manipulation, storage, disclosure, and other uses of your information and data are required to be agreed upon usage of the services provided by VYROX INTERNATIONAL SDN BHD through the HOMESERVA website and software.

I. Who We Are

HOMESERVA is a property management and billing software that helps realty management companies to manage their daily operation, business, and customers. Our website, is developed and maintained by VYROX INTERNATIONAL SDN BHD.

II. What Information and Data We Collect

We collect data such as name, contact number, email address, car plate number, national identity number, passport number, credit card number, debit card number, and many other required information for the use HOMESERVA through our website or smartphone apps. The direct and relay delivery of your personal information and data for the use of software is voluntary and does not prejudice the interest of any third parties.


III. How We Use Your Information and Data

Your information and data may be used and processed for purposes including but not limited to:-

  1. to verify your identity for the access to the HOMESERVA website and software;
  2. to ensure your request of service can be fulfilled as per your expectation;
  3. to analyze user demographics and behaviors for the function enhancements of HOMESERVA website and software;
  4. to increase the process efficiency of communication, billings, payments, and daily operation between the management bodies and their customers;
  5. to suggest information which we think may be useful to you;
  6. to recommend products or services which we think you will be interested in.


IV. How We Share Your Information and Data with Third Parties

We do not sell and trade your information and data with any third party. We do not transfer and expose your information and data to any third party without your consent. Your information and data will be shared only with the trusted third parties or affiliates who are essential to fulfil the service requests initialized by you including but not limited to the processes of identity verification for the use of HOMESERVA software, ownership verification of property, payment verification of financial transaction, efficient communication, visitor management, customer relationship management, user relationship management, and all related management activities and daily operation.


V. How We Obtain Your Information and Data

You will be assigned an Internet Protocol (IP) address whenever you connect your computer or device to the internet. Whenever you make a request to visit the HOMESERVA website or software, your IP will be recorded by us in order to deliver the web page or the digital content as per request. By tracking, aggregating, and compiling the information and data of your activity on our website and software such as what you typed, what you searched, what you clicked, and how long you stayed on a page might be logged for user behavior analysis, server resources monitoring, and cybersecurity monitoring purposes. The aim of doing so is to improve the overall performance of the website and software to serve users better in terms of website and software usability, information quality, management efficiency, billing accuracy, and customer satisfaction.


VI. How We Retain Your Information and Data

Your information and data will be keeped safely for accounting, auditing and other purposes that satisfy any requirements imposed by law and thereafter, your information and data will be deleted or caused to be deleted.


VII. Web Cookies

Web Cookie is defined as a small file of data created by a web server and stored on your computer or device that you used to request to visit and view the content of a website or software. HOMESERVA website and software uses Web Cookie to store your activity information and data given or generated during the interaction with the website and software for the use of its services. The aim of using Web Cookie is to improve the personalized user experience by providing faster and smoother interactivity to the users. Our website and software complies with the recent legislation requirements for websites to obtain explicit consent from users before initializing the use of Web Cookie. You are free to accept or to deny the use of Web Cookie. You can also change your mind at any time to accept, deny, or delete any of your Web Cookie files at your web browser security setting page. No personal information is stored, saved or collected.


VIII. Consent and Communication

By using our HOMESERVA website and software, you indicate your consent and agreement that HOMESERVA shall be entitled to reach you via emails, instant messenger, phone calls, mails, smartphone app notifications, and mobile phone text messages to recommend the products and services that we think you might be interested. At any time, should you no longer wish to be contacted by HOMESERVA, you are free to discontinue any further communications from HOMESERVA by writing an email to


IX. Changes to This Privacy Policy

We might update this privacy policy from time to time to improve the privacy practice when needed. The updated policy will be made available by posting on the HOMESERVA website and software. You are advised to review the latest version of the privacy policy always to avoid conflict of usage that could happen.


X. Protection and Guarantee

We commit to protect your information and data from third parties, but we are unable to guarantee that the transmission of your information and data over the internet when you use the HOMESERVA website and software is absolutely secure and assured. The internet is a public computer network that everyone with internet service is able to access, hence there is always a possibility that unintentional leak of information and data could happen without our control. Thereby, we are not responsible for any event or damage that arises from unauthorized access to your information and data. You as a user please advise us for any abnormal usage experience or unusual event that may indicate a breach of information, data and system security so that we can take immediate investigation and action as early as possible. At any time, you may request to remove your contact details from the record of HOMESERVA website and software by writing to You are free to inform us of your request to terminate your account and delete it from our database at any time. This Privacy Policy constitutes the entire agreement between you and us with respect to the use and collection of your information and data. Except expressly provided herein, this Privacy Policy supersedes all other understandings, agreements, representations and warranties, both written and oral, on the same or similar subject matter.


XI. Contact Us

You have the right to access to the information and data about you and your account that was collected and stored with us by writing to at any time. Access, review, rectification of any inaccurate and incomplete information and data may be subject to payments or fees. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have a question about this privacy policy.

HOMESERVA Smart Series
Powered by AUTOSERVA (The MSC Status Award Winning Technology)

Smart Video Intercom

The system is ready for apartment communications between visitors, residents and management staffs. It supports both HD audio & video and audio only modes. Visitor accessibility can be granted during calls. The calls are private and encrypted.

Smart Home Automation

Lighting, comfort, entertainment, appliances, shading, security and home access controls.
Automated by scenes, timers and sensors. Powered by award winning IoT technology, AUTOSERVA.
Developed by VYROX. The choice of many real estate developers.

Smart SOS Emergency

Specially design for elderly to call for help at anytime from anywhere. Hosted both locally and on the cloud. 24/7 redundant guards connected system. Instantly push notifications to on-duty guards and family. Support both hardware physical on-wall emergency panic button and virtual in-app SOS button. The choice of many hospitality businesses.

Smart Alarm

Instant push notifications to smartphones APP whenever an alarm event triggered. Military grade wireless IoT technology. Compatible with variety of intelligent security sensors.

Smart CCTV

HD cameras with intelligent automation features. Whenever motion detected in the enclosed pre-set area, the system will capture and email the screenshots immediately. It is a system in the cloud, supports simultaneous multiple viewers. Suitable to be installed at the public areas of condominium.

Smart Access

Card lost? Please do not worry, you can now access with your personalized QR-code. Just scan and go, or press a button to release the lock, the real cardless access.

Smart Barrier

Barrier gate control with smartphone APP. The intelligent cloud connected system will automatically restrict accessibility of residents with overdue arrears.

Smart Lock

Monitor and control your door locks with smartphone APP. The system is compatible with most of the digital smart door locks in the current market. The choice of many and property developers and hotel operators.

Smart Lift

Call lifts with smartphones. Send visitors to your doorstep with only a tap. Play mini games while waiting, your lift is on its way!

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